Gemporia Craft

Where can you learn a variety of crafting techniques, shop your favourite crafting brands and feel part of a community of like minded crafters, all under one roof?

Gemporia Craft, that's where!

Imagine the experts from your favourite crafting brands, live in your living room, sharing tips for using their products as well as bringing you exclusive projects and the best prices too.

And when you show with any of the Gemporia Craft brands you only pay once for P&P per day, no matter how many times you check out during that day.


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Gemporia Craft sold - on average - 39,000 items a week in 2023


per week

Over 375 new customers joining us - on average - each week in 2023

We are always looking for fresh faces to join the Gemporia Craft family, so whether you want to join us as a guest demonstrator or a supplier, email us to get in touch.

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